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Corona Virus COVID-19 Impact
There is no doubt that COVID-19 is having a devistating impact on volumes of bookings in the travel industry. Airlines are cutting their schedules and asking staff to take unpaid leave as a result of cancellations, restrictions and the fall in demand. A number of airlines have closed their doors, and over 100 have suspended all operations. Others such as Korean Air, already facing difficulties have written to staff to set expectations that the situation is grave. Volumes have recovered over time so T2RL have made the decision to track the top 50 airlines which currently account for 62% of the global passengers boarded (Adjusted) as a indicator for impact of COVID-19.


Latest Headlines

31/03/2020As of 31st March 2020, more than 200 airlines globally have temporarily suspended 100% of their operations due to the ongoing border closures and travel restrictions. See them listed here
31/03/2020US Transport Security Administration (TSA) reports that total traveller throughput at US airports on 30/03/2020 was just 154,080 travellers, compared to 2,360,053 a year ago, indicating a passenger reduction of over 93% link
30/03/2020Worldwide deaths exceed 35,000. A UK Health Official warns that some restrictive measures may need to remain in place for 6 months. The US extended their social distancing guidelines to 30 April and President Trump warns of 100,000 deaths being a favourable outcome.
29/03/2020The Civil Aviation Administration of China has directed all Chinese carriers to maintain only one route to any country and limit the number of flights to one per week. China has also now temporarily suspended the entry of all foreigners including residence permit / visa holders.
28/03/2020The number of Covid-19 cases worldwide has acrossed 600,000. The United States is the first country to surpass 100,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.
27/03/2020The Turkish government has now extended its previous ban from 68 countries to a ban on all international flights to and from Turkey. Also within its national borders, Turkey is only allowing domestic travel with formal permission from local governors.
26/03/2020At least 2.6 billion people, over a third of the world’s population, are now subject to some form of movement restriction after India, the world’s second-most populous country after China, joined the long list of countries imposing shutdown measures this week. India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, ordered all 1.3 billion people in the country to remain at their homes for at least three weeks.
26/03/2020New York has become the new epicenter for Covid-19 with over 37,000 cases and 385 deaths as of Thursday midday, with the US overtaking China for total cases, 81,300. The Senate has approved a $2 trillion stimulus package. The package is expected to include roughly $100 billion for hospitals; $350 billion for small businesses; $500 billion in aid for corporations, including airlines and cruiselines; and around $150 billion for state and local stimulus funds.
26/03/2020Russia has seen its sharpest spike in numbers in the past 24 hours, thus Moscow is closing all restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and parks from March 28 until April 5 for the unprecedented “stay-at-home holidays” announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin. All International flights will cease with the exception repatriation of Russians.
25/03/2020Since commercial passenger flights are now grounded across many parts of the world, airlines are now repurposing their aircrafts specifically for cargo operations to boost revenue. Some of these airlines are American Airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Delta, Aeromexio, Etihad and Air New Zealand . 
24/03/2020The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the coronavirus disease pandemic is "accelerating", with more than 400,000 cases now confirmed. It took 67 days from the first reported of Covid-19 to reach 100,000 cases, 11 days for the second 100,000, four days for the third 100,000 and just three days for the forth 100,000.
24/03/2020Due to an increasing number of countries closing borders each day, more than 60 airlines globally have now temporarily suspended all their operations whilst many other carriers have suspended all international operations in accordance with government directives.
24/03/2020The UAE Government has announced the suspension of all passenger and transit flights from Wednesday 25th March for two weeks. India has suspended all international flights from 22nd March 2020 and all domestic flights from 24th March 2020. Nigeria and Kenya have also suspended all international flights.
23/03/2020The UK has joined the majority of Europe and issued a Stay-At-Home order to the entire country. Only vital journeys and minimal exercise is permitted. Shops, schools, libraries, gyms and churches will be closed and gatherings limited to just 2 people.
22/03/2020California, USA, residents are put on stay-at-home orders with all bars, restaurants and venues to close. Only essential workers may go to work, and visiting friend or relatives including hospital or care homes is not permitted without urgent need.
20/03/2020The Norwegian government has agreed to back airlines with credit guarantees worth £460 million, with 50% for their largest carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle. The British government is also considering a series of measures as part of a multi-billion pound rescue plan for UK airlines.. 
19/03/2020The Brazilian government announced measures to help airlines; Brazilian President, Jair Bolsonaro, announced the renegotiation of airlines debt. Rescue measures for companies will also be taken by the Ministry of Infrastructure in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy.
19/03/2020Australia will close its borders to all except citizens and permanent residents from 9pm Friday 20th March. New Zealand will also lockdown its borders to all except citizens and permanent residents from 11:59pm Thursday 19th March.
18/03/2020Nigeria has restricted entry for travellers from the following countries; China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, Spain, Japan, France, Germany, Norway, U.S, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland. These are all countries with over 1,000 cases domestically. This restriction will take effect starting March 20th.
18/03/2020President Trump confirmed that the US - Canada border will temporarily close for nonessential travel. The EU has now suspended all travel into the passport-free Schengen zone by non-EU nationals for at least 30 days.
18/03/2020Governments offer airlines aid; Governments of Sweden and Denmark annouced they would provide more than 275 million euros in guarantees to protect SAS from the economic impact of the virus. The Swedish government has announced another 3.5 billion kronor in credit guarantees for other airlines. Australia and Taiwan will also offer financial aid to their aviation sectors. U.S. based airlines are also seeking government assistance of more than $50 billion.
17/03/2020India has announced a ban on passenger arrivals (including Indian citizens) from the European Union, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Travellers from the EU, Turkey and UK are prohibited from entering India between 18th March and 31st March. This ban follows a recent ban which started on 13th March prohibiting entry for foreign passport holders and Overseas Indian Citizen (OCI) cardholders into the country.
17/03/2020UK government advises against all global travel with ‘immediate effect’. The guidance is introduced for 30 days initially to ensure no travellers were stranded abroad, as widespread restrictions are imposed. This ban goes even further than the EU’s move to outlaw international arrivals, which involves travel within the EU and the UK continuing.
17/03/2020Worldwide curfews: French citizens are ordered to stay in their homes in near-total lockdown. Canada closes borders to foreigners with only essential flights to just four major cities. UK warns population to avoid all nonessential contact. Holland closes all schools. In the US, Los Angeles followed New York by announcing that bars, restaurants and entertainment venues should shut. Switzerland joins Austria banning public groups over 5 people.
17/03/2020The three main airline alliances oneworld, SkyTeam and Star Alliance are jointly calling on governments and stakeholders to take action to alleviate the unprecedented challenges faced by the global airline industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Representing almost 60 airlines they urge governments worldwide to evaluate all possible means to assist the airline industry during this unprecedented period.  Link
16/03/2020EU chief Ursula Von Der Leyen has proposed a 30 day ban on all non-essential travel to the bloc as part of a joint battle against the coronavirus pandemic. The President of the European Commission proposed shutting borders for a month to stop the spread of the disease, but said it could be prolonged if necessary.
16/03/2020IAG (British Airways, Aer Lingus. Iberia, Level and Vueling) announces plans to cut 75% of capacity in April and May. Willie Walsh said “We have seen a substantial decline in bookings across our airlines and global network over the past few weeks and we expect demand to remain weak until well into the summer,"
16/03/2020Airlines call on governments for emergency funding to survive. Airlines UK, a trade body representing UK-registered airlines is reported to be asking for an immediate £7.5 billion to prevent a wipeout. Delta, American and United Airlines said on Friday there were in talks with the U.S. government about assistance. Lufthansa said it will ask several European governments for liquidity. Norwegian has said it was a matter of weeks before it ran out of cash and is in talks about a bailout.
16/03/2020More extreme measures in Europe: Germany has closed its borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg. Austria has banned gatherings of more than five people. Ireland is asking all pubs to shut. Schools in the Netherlands are closing.
15/03/2020Borders are closing: Denmark, Poland and the Czech Republic have sealed their borders, applying to land, air and sea traffic, currently until April 13. The Norwegian border will be closed for foreigners from tomorrow, including all airports and seaports. Australia requires all overseas arrivals to self isolate. Ukraine is closed to foreigners.
15/03/2020The epicentre of the outbreak has moved to Europe with France and Spain on full lockdown. In Spain people are banned from leaving home except for buying essential supplies and medicines, or for work. In France cafes, restaurants, cinemas, ski resorts and most shops are now shut. Italy has been on lockdown for a week.
14/03/2020The US travel ban will be extended to include UK and Ireland starting on Tuesday 17/03/2020 (04:00 GMT), US Vice-President Mike Pence has confirmed.
13/03/2020IATA welcomed the announcement by the European Commission granting the temporary suspension until June 2020 of the 80-20 “use it or lose it” rule for airport slots. Previously airlines were required to operate an airport slot for at least 80% of the time and were running wasteful 'ghost' flights to fulfil the obligation.
12/03/2020European airline share prices have been further impacted by the US travel ban. Air France-KLM, Lufthansa and IAG all dropped more than 10 per cent in early trading while the stock of heavily indebted Norwegian Air Shuttle plunged more than 30 per cent.  IATA has estimated the pandemic could cost airlines worldwide as much as $113bn in revenues this year.
12/03/2020President Trump announces USA will bar all travel from 26 European Countries from 14th March, but not including UK and Ireland. It does not apply to US Citizens.
11/03/2020Coronavirus is confirmed as pandemic by World Health Organization. WHO chief Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the number of cases outside China had increased 13-fold in two weeks. He said he was "deeply concerned" by "alarming levels of inaction".

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