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T2RL have tracked the Information Technology strategies of the world's airlines since the start of the 21st century. We have developed a clear understanding of the products that are in use by airlines following all the major business models around the world. While a generation ago many airlines developed the majority of their software applications in-house this has now given way to a set of specialised products from the vendors listed below.    In general these vendors specialise in the needs of the airline industry. Although some large general IT companies like IBM supply the airline industry, these are in a minority when it comes to the specialised applications.

For each vendor we list information about its main product lines, its key customers and its market shares. For the larger vendors we give a historical perspective and an insight into their product and technology strategies.

PSS Passengers
New: Pareto graph view of the cumulative passenger numbers contributing to any vendor's passenger total.

Market View
View the total passenger numbers going through each vendor's Inventory system and the trend of market share change.

PSS Migrations
Data and graphs of system migrations, filtered historically.

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Migrations and Implementations
Migrations See which airlines migrated their inventory from one vendor a new vendor system, with details on announcement date, migration date and implementation duration. Sort by past and future migrations.
Also see new implementations and migrations for Revenue Accounting systems.

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