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Coronavirus COVID-19 Airline Impact
There is no doubt that COVID-19 is having a devastating impact on volumes of bookings in the travel industry. Airlines are cutting their schedules and asking staff to take unpaid leave as a result of cancellations, restrictions and the fall in demand. A number of airlines have closed their doors, and over 250 have suspended all operations although there are some that have re-started operations. Others such as Korean Air, already facing difficulties have written to staff to set expectations that the situation is grave. Volumes have recovered over time so T2RL have made the decision to track the top 50 airlines which currently account for 62% of the global passengers boarded (Adjusted) as an indicator for of the impact of COVID-19.


Airline Impact (Top-50)

American Airlines 17/7/2020 - AA will issue notices to 25,000 employees that they face potential furloughs from 1st October 2020.  AA has also announced a strategic partnership with JetBlue Airways in the North-East of the U.S, involving codeshare and new connections
6/7/2020 - AA will gradually increase the frequency of its flights to London with four daily flights on the LHR to DFW, JFK, ORD and MIA routes to start with.
1/7/2020 - AA expects summer 2021 long-haul international capacity to be down 25% compared to 2019. AA will also discontinue several routes that were once popular leisure destinations but are expected to exhibit decreased demand.
30/6/2020 - AA will start booking flights to full capacity from 1st July, ending efforts to promote social distancing on its planes.
23/6/2020 - In the 3 months to the end of June, sales are expected to collapse by around 90% compared to the previous year.
4/6/2020 - AA is planning to fly 55% of its domestic schedule and nearly 20% of its international schedule in July 2020 compared to the same period last year.
29/5/2020 - AA is planning to cut just under 30% of its management and staff. Nearly 40,000 employees have already opted for tempo  ...more
Delta Air Lines 14/7/2020 - For Q2 2020 Delta reported a 93% decline in passenger traffic, passenger revenues declined 94% and Delta ended the June quarter with $15.7 billion in liquidity.
18/6/2020 - Delta expects to get back to break-even around spring 2021. In August 2020, domestic capacity will be down around 55% to 60% .
11/6/2020 - Delta Air Lines has warned that it expects its Q2 2020 revenue to be down 90% compared to the same time last year.
2/6/2020 - Delta operated its final flights with its MD-88 and MD-90 aircraft as it becomes the latest airline to retire the fleet which has operated +600 different routes in America carrying +750 million passengers over the past 33 years.
19/5/2020 - Delta will limit first class seating capacity at 50% and main cabin at 60% until 30th June. The airline also annouced plans to relaunch United States connections from London Heathrow.
8/5/2020 - Delta and Latam have signed a trans-American joint venture deal to combine their networks between North & South America. The agreement is subject to regulatory approval and follows Delta’s acquisition of a 20% stake in Latam for $1.9 billion in December.
2/5/2020 - Delta has insisted that passengers wear  ...more
Southwest Airlines 13/7/2020 - Southwest is planning to lay off its first round of employees after a record of never having to do so during its 53 years of operations. The airline suggested that it will have to take this measure unless they fly triple the amount of passengers compared to what they fly currently.
3/6/2020 - Southwest is offering employees a buyout package (including early retirement and extended time off) in an effort to avoid layoffs or furloughs in fall 2020.
28/5/2020 - Southwest Airlines plans to resume international flights from 1st July to Mexico, Cuba, Jamaica and the Bahamas. Services to other international destinations will resume pending the easing of government restrictions.
19/5/2020 - Southwest Airlines expects its load factor for May to be between 25% and 30%, which is more than triple the 8% of seats that were occupied on Southwest flights in April.
11/5/2020 - Southwest Airlines and BOC Aviation Ltd. have agreed to an aircraft sale-leaseback deal. BOC Aviation will buy 10 Boeing 737-8 aircraft from the US carrier and then lease them back to the Southwest.
29/4/2020 - Southwest reported a net loss of $94 million for Q1 2020 and total operating revenues decreased 17.8%   ...more
United Airlines 8/7/2020 - United Airlines has warned 36,000 employees (nearly half its U.S. staff) that they could be furloughed in October.
2/7/2020 - United Airlines plans to resume numerous connections in August will add nearly 25,000 more domestic and international flights as compared to July. It is also planning to fly 40% of its overall schedule in August.
1/6/2020 - United Airlines plans to resume flying 25% of its schedule in July, by restarting flights to 11 overseas cities in Asia, Europe and South America.
5/5/2020 - United plans to cut 30% of their management and administrative roles from October 2020.
20/4/2020 - United Airlines has reported a $2.1 billion loss for the 1st quarter of 2020 compared to the $300 million profit the airline reported over the same period last year.
16/4/2020 - United Airlines has cut its flight schedule by 90% in May and expects similar cuts for June. The airline said it flew less than 200,000 people in the first two weeks of April 2020, as compared to 6 million in April 2019.
15/4/2020 - United Airlines expects to receive $5.0 billion through the payroll support program, $3.5 billion will be a direct grant and $1.5 billion will be a low interest rat  ...more
China Southern Airlines 3/7/2020 - China Southern Airlines estimates passenger traffic will return to 76% of 2019 levels in 3Q2020, while passenger load factor will average 79%.
16/6/2020 - China Southern Airlines Group passengers boarded was down 52.3% in May 2020 compared to the same month last year.
8/5/2020 - China Southern Airlines over the past week has been the only airline in the world who is operating 3 of its Airbus A380’s between the airline’s hub in Guangzhou and Europe or North America.
17/4/2020 - China Southern Airlines group passenger capacity decreased by 60% in March 2020 and their load factor was 58%.
25/3/2020 - As of 25th March 2020, China Southern Airlines has over 130 parked aircrafts.
18/3/2020 - China Southern Airlines load factor in February 2020 was at 47%.
13/3/2020 - The airline said it will reopen Shenzhen-Bangkok service starting from March 13, the company's first resumed international flight departing from Shenzhen following the large-scale suspension of flights.
10/3/2020 - The airline is not currently operating its five A380s, with the last A380 commercial flight reported on 12th Feb.
24/2/2020 - China Southern Airlines resumed over 2,100 domestic   ...more
Ryanair 3/7/2020 - The British pilots of Ryanair have agreed to a pay cut of 20%, away from the prospect of layoffs. Earlier this week, the company reported 3,500 job cuts if staff did not accept lower wages.
1/7/2020 - Ryanair will return to offering over 1,000 daily flights across Europe from 1st July which is approximately 40% of their normal July capacity.
11/6/2020 - Ryanair has announced that it will scrap its flight change fee for all customers who book to travel in July and August of this year, allowing people to move their flights free of charge until 31 December 2020.
20/5/2020 - In 2020 Ryanair expects to carry less than 100 million passengers, over 35% lower than the 155m+ target for the year ending March 2021.
18/5/2020 - Ryanair plans to resume 50% of its scheduled flights between July and September 2020.
15/5/2020 - Ryanair has restarted limited flight operations on 15th May.
12/5/2/2020 - Ryanair plans to restore 40% of its normal flying schedule of almost 1000 flights a day from 1st July. From 15th May, Ryanair will fly 3 times weekly to Bucharest and Sofia, and a daily service to Porto will be added on May 22nd. Ryanair has also added 3 London Stansted route  ...more
China Eastern 13/7/2020 - China Eastern Airlines has launched a ticket package called 'Fly At Will' to boost its domestic market. The tickets are priced at 3,322 yuan and the travellers with this package will have access to unlimited flights over the weekends on the airlines domestic network.
15/6/2020 - China Eastern plans is to launch a new carrier called Sanya International Airlines based in Hainan, despite the severe global downturn in passengers caused by the coronavirus pandemic. This is a joint venture between China Eastern Airlines (51%), Hainan Province Transport Investment Holding Co (10%), Sanya Development Holdings (10%), Juneyao Air (15%) and (14%).
1/5/2020 - China Eastern Airlines plans to resume 70% - 80% of flights by the end of June and make further increases through August.
26/4/2020 - China Eastern Airlines has begun shifting its operations in Beijing from the Capital International Airport to Daxing International Airport.
8/4/2020 - China Eastern Airlines operated the first flight out of Wuhan Tianhe Airport on 8th April 2020, marking the resumption of domestic passenger flights from Wuhan.
25/3/2020 - China Eastern Airlines has reconfigured two passenger aircrafts  ...more
Air China 17/7/2020 - Air China domestic traffic saw a drop of only 41% in June 2020 compared to over 80% in February. International traffic in June was still weak with a drop of 80%.
23/6/2020 - Air China will fly 24 international flights per week in July. The airline will fly to destinations in North America, Europe and Asia.
1/6/2020 - Air China is planning to operate 24 international routes between 1st June and 1st July 2020. The carrier has added 2 additional routes to its June schedule, from Beijing to Madrid and Manila.
1/5/2020 - Air China recorded a net loss of 4.81 billion yuan ($680 million) for Q1 2020, compared with a profit of CNY2.72 billion a year earlier. Quarterly revenue fell 47% to CNY17.26 billion.
7/4/2020 - Air China will resume some domestic flights departing from Wuhan and other cities in Hubei province.
15/3/2020 - Air China has reduced international flights in response to the various ongoing travel bans and government regulations.
5/3/2020 - In February 2020, Air China cut around 68% of capacity.
EasyJet 4/8/2020 - Easyjet is increasing its capacity to 40% in the quarter from July to September, compared to 30% planned previously.
16/7/2020 - EasyJet has confirmed it will be flying to 100 more destinations from the UK throughout August 2020, including routes to Italy, France, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, the Balearics, and the Canary Islands.
1/7/2020 - EasyJet plans to close its bases at Stansted, Southend and Newcastle and will reduce staff numbers by a third. The Unite union said nearly 1300 crew members faced losing their jobs in the UK.
25/6/2020 - EasyJet will be relaunching more flights from airports across Europe, including 14 airports across the UK, on both domestic and international routes. From July 1st, the schedule will build to around 500 flights a day across its European network.
15/6/2020 - EasyJet restarted limited flight operations within UK and France from 15th June 2020.
2/6/2020 - EasyJet will resume flying to almost three quarters of its route network by August. The airline plans to fly 50% of its 1022 routes in July and 75% in August, although with a lower frequency of flights equating to around 30% of normal July to September capacity.
28  ...more
Air France 12/7/2020 - Air France continues its gradual increase in destinations served to reach 50% in late September and 60% in late October of the program initially planned. Subject to travel restrictions lifting, Air France plans to serve nearly 170 destinations at the end of the summer 2020 season, or 85% of its usual network.
17/6/2020 - Air France plans to offer around 8300 staff incentives to leave in a bid to cut costs. The move affects about around 300 pilots, 2000 cabin crew and 6,000 ground staff.
12/6/2020 - Air France plans to serve close to 150 destinations, i.e. 80% of its usual network, as the carrier is gradually reinforcing its flight schedule for summer 2020.
11/06/2020 - Air France will once again connect Paris to Boston and San Francisco in early July, and is planning six routes to the United States for August - subject to border reopening.
27/5/2020 - Air France-KLM plans to cut 40% of its French domestic network by the end of 2021.
20/5/2020 - Air France is retiring all Airbus A380s immediately rather than by the end of 2022, as previously scheduled.
19/5/2020 - Air France plans to progressively resume its flights from now until the end of June, particularly fl  ...more
Hainan Airlines 18/7/2020 - Hainan Airlines has been allowed to increase its frequencies to international destinations by the CAAC due to an effective safety control maintained as no travellers on their flights tested positive for the virus in the past 3 weeks.
17/6/2020 - Hainan Airlines Group passengers boarded was down 65% in May 2020 compared to the same month last year.
31/5/2020 - Hainan Airlines plans to restart flightsfrom Beijing to the United States (Boston and Seattle) from 1st July 2020.
1/5/2020 - Hainan Airlines and its subsidiaries plan to increase flights from May and for the summer 2020 season.
9/4/2020 - Hainan Airlines restarted flights to Wuhan, a first since the suspension to the city for the last two months.
28/3/2020 - In line with the new regulation from the Civil Aviation Administration of China, Hainan airlines will now maintain only one route to any country and limit the number of flights to one per week.
12/3/2020 - Hainan Airlines plans to resume all domestic flights into and out of Hainan.
1/10/2020 - The HNA Group will essentially be taken over by the government of the Hainan province in order to be rescued. The airline stated that “the Hainan Provinci  ...more
Turkish Airlines 2/7/2020 - Turkish Airline has announced that it will not lay off any staff for the next two years and will be able to survive the pandemic.
11/6/2020 - Turkish Airlines has restarted international flights to many destinations on 10th June.
1/6/2020 - Turkish Airlines has restarted limited domestic flights between 1st - 3rd June and will operate domestic flights to 40 destinations from 4th June. Their international flights remain suspensed until 10th June.
7/5/2020 - Turkish Airlines is planning a gradual resumption of flights from June with plans to fly to only 19 countries next month, gradually expanding operations to 99 countries by September.
3/4/2020 - Turkish Airlines has now suspended all flights from 3rd April.
28/3/2020 - Turkish Airlines has suspended all international flights from 28th March 2020 until 1st May 2020. Only domestic flights to 14 cities in Turkey will be operated on a limited basis.
13/3/2020 - Flights with Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Austria and Holland as departure point are suspended.
3/3/2020 - Fights to China’s Xi’an, Guangzhou and Shanghai cities are suspended.
AirAsia 8/7/2020 - AirAsia Group reported a record quarterly loss of 803 million ringgit ($187 million) for the first three months 2020.
5/6/2020 - The AirAsia Group plans to reduce its workforce by up to 30% as founder Tony Fernandes considers selling a 10% stake in the airline to South Korea’s third largest conglomerate SK Corp.
5/5/2020 - AirAsia is extending validity up to two years (730 days) on top of an unlimited flight change option for passengers impacted by flights bans
29/4/2020 - AirAsia Malaysia resumed domestic services on 29th April 2020. AirAsia has introduced new personal protective equipment (PPE) for its cabin crews to be used as flights resume in the region.
12/4/2020 - AirAsia group owners have decided to forgo their salaries during and airline staff will take pay cuts anywhere between 15% -75%.
28/3/2020 - AirAsia Malaysia suspended all flight operations on 28th March until 21st April 2020.
10/3/2020 - AirAsia is offering 6 million heavily discounted seats (including 0 fare seats) for a promotion called the 'Big Sale'.
28/2/2020 - AirAsia Group will defer delivery of 78 Airbus SE A330neo planes and consider selling two A330s that could fetch up to $100   ...more
Lufthansa 8/7/2020 - Lufthansa group will cut 20% of its leadership positions and 1,000 administrative jobs in a restructuring plan.
1/7/2020 - The Lufthansa group will put half of its fleet back into service as part of the gradual resumption of traffic, however suppy in the coming months will not exceed 40% of what was expected before the pandemic.
25/6/2020 - Lufthansa Group confirmed it will close the German arm of SunExpress, operated as a joint-venture with Turkish Airlines. The decision will cost around 1,200 jobs.
21/6/2020 - Lufthansa Group has initiated a return flight guarantee programe for all who book through the carrier. With passenger concerns over not being able to return back to their base country if lockdown is initiated mid travel, the airline group has gauranteed the return of the travellers if such circumstances arise, through commercial or repatriation flights.
11/6/2020 - Lufthansa has announced huge job losses (22,000 cuts) as the airline downsizes operations.
08/6/2020 - Lufthansa group airlines are planning to expand their services over the the next few months. In September 90% of all originally planned short- and medium-haul destinations and 70% of long-haul dest  ...more
IndiGo 21/7/2020 - IndiGo will cut 10% of its workforce as it downsizes to meet falling demand in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.
10/7/2020 - Indigo is currently operating at 30% capacity inspite of the government raising the cap to 45%. The airline expects to fly with 80% capacity by early 2021.
15/6/2020 - IndiGo Plans to operate 70% of pre-covid Flights by 2020-end.
9/6/2020 - Indigo has converted 10 of its more than 250 aircraft to freighters and has now started offering aircraft charters under IndiGo Charter Services to boost revenue.
25/5/2020 - Indigo has commenced domestic operations on 25th May as the Indian government has lifted the domestic flight ban after 2 months.
7/4/2020 - Indigo has been authorized by the government to operate 30 emergency relief flights to carry essential items such as medical equipment across the country.
25/3/2020 - Indigo has suspended all international flights from 22nd March 2020 and all domestic flights from 25th March 2020 in line with the Indian governments directive to suspend all commercial passenger flights.
Emirates 23/7/2020 - Emirates has initiated its new flight schedule for August where it will fly to 63 destinations from its hub.
14/7/2020 - Emirates will restart service with its Airbus A380s to London and Paris from 15th July after nearly four months on the ground. Emirates has already cut staff by 10% which will probably increase to 15%.
3/7/2020 - Emirates announced that it has reimbursed nearly 650,000 flights canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The airline reached this target in early June, after having significantly increased its processing capacity from 35,000 requests managed per month on average, to nearly 200,000.
19/6/2020 - Emirates announced it will offer scheduled flights in 10 more cities: Colombo, Sialkot, Istanbul, Auckland, Beirut, Brussels, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Barcelona, and Washington DC.
9/6/2020 - Emirates will offer flights to 29 cities on their Boeing 777-300ER aircraft from 15th June. The Emirates A380 is expected to return to service from 1st July on selected services.
1/6/2020 - Emirates outgoing President Tim Clark said it could take the state carrier up to four years to resume flying to its entire network.
18/5/2020 - Emirates plans to lay off 30,  ...more
Air Canada 2/8/2020 - Air Canada reported a net loss of $1.752 billion in Q2 2020. The airline has cut seat capacity by upto 90% and laid off thousands of staff.
19/7/2020 - Air Canada has resumed flights to Greece after the European Union allowed travellers from Canadians to enter Greece.
30/6/2020 - Air Canada is indefinitely suspending service on 30 domestic regional routes and closing 8 stations at regional airports in Canada.
24/6/2020 - Air Canada has raised $1.23 billion in fresh liquidity as the carrier has closed two additional financing transactions.
16/6/2020 - Air Canada CFO sees future need for additional financing even after raising almost $1.6 billion in June via a stock and convertible debt sale.
29/5/2020 - From 1st June, Air Canada is deploying its premium-only configured Airbus planes that typically fly sports charters onto select domestic routes as part of an effort to ease social distancing concerns when flying.
18/5/2020 - Air Canada annouced plans to cut 60% of their workforce due to reduced operations.
1/5/2020 - Air Canada anticipates that by Christmas the airline will be flying again to most places, although there will likely be fewer flights available a  ...more
British Airways 2/7/2020 - British Airways will resume flying to more destinations across its network in July, albeit offering fewer frequencies due to reduced demand and the impact of the global quarantine restrictions.
1/6/2020 - British Airways workers have been asked to accept pay cuts of up to 60% to avoid redundancy. Those who refuse to accept contract changes have been told their roles will be terminated on 15th June.
10/5/2020 - British Airways owner IAG has tentatively planned the largest capacity increase amongst Europe’s major airline groups, expecting to operate 45% in Q3 2020 (July - September).
29/4/2020 - BA plans to cut over 12,000 jobs (more than a quarter of all employees) due to low passenger demand.
20/4/2020 - BA is operating special flights from 11 Indian airports to repatriate UK nationals.
9/4/2020 - BA is transporting medical supplies into the UK from China. The flights are being operated in partnership with IAG Cargo and the UK government.
2/4/2020 - BA announced the suspension of 36,000 staff. The agreement means that up to 80% of cabin crew, ground staff, engineers and those working at head office will have their jobs suspended but no staff are expected to be m  ...more
Alaska Airlines 5/8/2020 - Alaska Airlines has decided to lay off over 300 employees in the fall. This is an attempt to refine the airline's staffing model and eventually cut costs.
20/7/2020 - Alaska Airlines has said that it will face an overall drop of 20% for the year 2021. The Airline has established its 2020 winter schedule to 35 destinations from Los Angeles by end of this year.
22/6/2020 - Alaska Airlines has moved seven Boeing aircraft deliveries into 2021. Future deliveries may be financed through cash from operations, long-term debt or lease arrangements. Alaska is continuing to evaluate its overall fleet strategy and long-term plan.
2/6/2020 - In May Alaska Air Group spent $170 million more than it took in, which was an improvement from $260 million spent in April, or $8.7 million per day. In June Alaska Airlines plans to offer only 70% - 75% of the seat capacity it had a year ago.
6/5/2020 - Capacity in April reduced by more than 80%, capacity cuts in May will also be at least 80% and expecting capacity cuts in June to be significant. Reported a net loss for Q1 2020 and over 5000 employees have taken the voluntary leave incentive offered by the airline.
28/4/2020 - Alaska Airlines is u  ...more
ANA (Domestic) 14/7/2020 - ANA said that it will fly 50% of it's domestic capacity in July, which will increase to 88% in August 2020.
11/6/2020 - All Nippon Airways sees its domestic flight cancellation rate for June at 69%, as it expects some recovery in flight bookings.
21/5/2020 - ANA sees June domestic flight cancellation rate at 69%, down from 86% in May.
6/5/2020 - ANA has delayed 13 aircraft deliveries from the 1st half to the 2nd half of the fiscal year.
24/04/2020 - ANA will reduce domestic capacity by 85% from 29th April until 6th May 2020.
17/4/2020 - ANA will reduce domestic capacity by 49% for the month of April 2020.
4/4/2020 - ANA Holdings Inc. has asked the government and private financial institutions to make 1.3 Trillion Yen credit line available to them due to their revenue decline.
19/3/2020 - ANA has proposed having 5000 cabin crew take unpaid leave from work which is around 30% of their total employees.
13/3/2020 - ANA has cancelled an additional 1,360 flights on 42 routes, raising the total number of canceled flights to 2,224 this month.
Japan Airlines 13/7/2020 - The program of international flights of Japan Airlines will be reduced by 90% in August and 89% in September. The airline will operate around 800 all cargo flights monthly, through the deployment of its aircraft in passenger configuration on lines between Japan and North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, East Asia and Oceania.
12/7/2020 - Japan Airlines has partnered with Malaysia Airlines to jointly operate commercial flights between Japan and Malaysia starting from 25th July 2020, to help with trade and boost tourism in both countries. The 2 carriers together will offer flights between Kuala Lumpur – Tokyo Narita four times a week in July and August.
7/7/2020 - JAL's international capacity cut will be 93% in July compared to 96% in June. JAL also plans to restart 66% of its domestic flights in July and expects to reach full capacity levels by October 2020.
3/7/2020 - JAL is expecting a recovery of 50% in the second half of July (when 66% of flights will be operated, or 296 per day on average). JAL plans to recover to 80% in August and to operate fully according to their normal schedule around October .
15/6/2020 - Japan Airlines has said its international flying capacity  ...more
JetBlue 29/7/2020 - JetBlue has become the first US airline to bring UV technology onboard their aircraft to treat surfaces and fight the coronavirus.
16/7/2020 - JetBlue has announced a partnership with American Airlines whereby both the carriers will offer increased destinations from JetBlue's base in New York. Under this partnership, American will concentrate on expanding its international schedule whilst JetBlue aggressively increases its domestic operations. Both the carriers will operate several codeshare flights to domestic and international destinations.
17/6/2020 - JetBlue plans to scale back its in-house workforce by outsourcing positions at smaller airports, up to 300 employees are likely to be affected by this move.
1/6/2020 - JetBlue plans to operate 25% - 30% of their normal schedule in June 2020.
6/5/2020 - JetBlue said it will give a pair of free tickets to 100,000 health workers as thanks for their work during the coronavirus pandemic.
28/4/2020 - JetBlue is the first US airline to make it mandatory for all it's crew and passengers to wear a face mask when on a flight.
14/4/2020 - JetBlue will receive $935.8 million from the payroll support program with $250.7 milli  ...more
Norwegian Air Shuttle 7/7/2020 - Norwegian has seen an increase in the number of passengers carried in June compared to May. The airline said that it has seen an increase in the bookings by 40% for July and August 2020.
1/7/2020 - Norwegian Air Shuttle has announced that it is canceling the order for 92 - 737 Max aircraft and 5 - Boeing Dreamliners.
17/6/2020 - In July, Norwegian Air will resume flights on 76 routes halted during the coronavirus outbreak and bring back into service 12 of its aircraft on top of the 8 already flying. The airline will also restart many international European routes to/from its Oslo hub. Their domestic service within Norway will also return to a more normal service in July.
20/5/2020 - Norwegian has recieved access to the state loan guarantee of NOK3 billion (£230 million). The company has now converted NOK12.7 billion of debt to equity.
15/5/2020 - Norwegian Air pulls off equity sale and the successful issue should see Norwegian secure €36 million in payments next week. This will add to the loans guaranteed by the Norwegian government.
5/5/2020 - Norwegian has won the support of shareholders owning 95% of equity to a debt-for-equity swap on which will see the airline f  ...more
Lion Air 5/7/2020 - The Lion Air group has laid off 9% of its workforce (2600) due to drop in passenger demand. The group is currently operating at 10% - 15% of it's usual capacity.
10/6/2020 - The Lion Air Group restarted domestic flights on 10th June 2020.
5/6/2020 - The Lion Air Group has re-suspended all domestic and international flights just days after reinstating them, blaming passenger non-compliance with COVID-19 policies.
21/5/2020 - The Lion Air Group has cut employee salaries and bonuses but has given assurance that no job terminations are in the pipeline.
10/5/2020 - Lion Air group airlines - Lion Air, Wings Air and Batik Air resumed limited domestic flights from 10th May for health, security and essential service workers, as well as passengers who require emergency medical care.
24/4/2020 - Lion Air (Indonesia) has suspended all regular flight operations in line with the Indonesian government’s ban on all domestic, international and charter air transportation services from 24th April until 1st June 2020.
19/3/2020 - Lion Air Group has suspended all international flights to/from Malaysia until 31st March 2020 following the governments decision to lock down the country. L  ...more
Aeroflot 20/7/2020 - Aeroflot Group has said that it aims to have 600 aircrafts by 2028. The airline group is also planning to sell its stake in Aurora Airlines resulting in Aurora's departure from the group in the future.
1/6/2020 - The Aeroflot Group will begin to gradually restore operating volumes in June, initially focusing on the resumption of flights to domestic destinations.
4/5/2020 - Aeroflot suggests international services could resume in July.
18/4/2020 - Aeroflot has suspended flight ticket sales for international flights from 17th April 2020.
15/4/2020 - Aeroflot continues to operate limited international flights for the return of citizens from abroad.
23/3/2020 - The Russian government has imposed a ban on all international flights from the 27th of March, but they have granted their state-owned flag carrier Aeroflot virtual monopoly on essential international services designated for evacuating Russians and returning foreign citizens to their respective countries.
16/3/2020 - Aeroflot has announced a temporary suspension of flights between Moscow and 30 different destinations.
Cathay Pacific 29/7/2020 - Cathay Pacific has decided to park one third of its fleet which is 60 planes, in order to economize during the pandemic.
19/7/2020 - Cathay Pacific group saw a 99% drop in traffic in June 2020, and plans increase capacity to 7% in July and further 10% in August.
21/6/2020 - Cathay Pacific has updated its flight program for June and July with a gradual resumption of flights to Asia, and also Europe and North America.
12/6/2020 - Cathay Pacific plans to operate 3.5% of its regular passenger capacity in June and increase to 9.4% in July.
9/6/2020 - Cathay Pacific will benefit from a recapitalization plan of approximately 5 billion US dollars  in order to survive the pandemic of Covid-19 and the Hong Kong government will take 6% stake in the airline. 
4/6/2020 - Cathay has resumed limited transfer operations through its hub at Hong Kong Int'l airport as of 1st June, although it does not include services to mainland China. Passengers travelling with Cathay are now able to transit at Hong Kong airport as long as they travel on a single itinerary with the connection time shorter than 8 hours.
31/5/2020 - Cathay Pacific has announced that the reopening of transit servi  ...more
LATAM Airlines (Chile) 3/8/2020 - LATAM Airlines has decided to lay off 2700 employees from its brazilian arm, to cope with the saving costs due to the pandemic.
11/7/2020 - LATAM Airlines Chile announced that it has included it's Brazilian subsidiary in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection process, which will allow it to restructure its debt and better manage its fleet. The Brazilian subsidiary will continue to operate as normal similar to its other sister companies.
24/6/2020 - LATAM Airlines Chile has suspended 23 domestic and international routes with immediate effect. This is due to very low demand and the resumption of these routes will depend on future market conditions.
16/6/2020 - LATAM Airline group is gradually increasing its operations towards Europe, subject to reopening of borders. The airline group plans to relaunch routes to Lisbon and Madrid in July, and strengthen its presence in Frankfurt, Munich and London.
26/5/2020 - LATAM Airline group affiliates in Chile, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and the US have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States. The group's subsidiaries in Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina are not included in the chapter 11 filing.
22/5/2020 - LATAM Airl  ...more
LATAM Brazil 11/7/2020 - LATAM Airlines Chile announced that it has included it's Brazilian subsidiary in the Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection process, which will allow it to restructure its debt and better manage its fleet. The Brazilian subsidiary will continue to operate as normal similar to its other sister companies.
Saudia 1/7/2020 - As of 1st July 2020, the suspension of international flights is still in effect.
1/6/2020 - Saudia has restarted domestic flights on 31st May as the Saudia government has lifted the ban on domestic flights. Saudia will operate 60 domestic flights as part of its 1st phase, resuming operations at Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Madinah, Qassim, Abha, Tabuk, Jazan, Hail, Al-Baha and Najran airports. Saudia will also continue to operate limited international flights to repatriate nationals.
14/5/2020 - Saudia is planning to lay off 250,000 employees.
1/5/2020 - Saudia Airlines is awaiting official clearance from the authorities to restart air travel; there has not yet been any government decision to resume domestic flights in the Kingdom.
16/4/2020 - Saudia does not expect flight operations to return to normal until the end of 2020 and has asked some cabin crew employees to suspend their contracts until then.
10/4/2020 - Saudia has tentatively scheduled to resume International flights on 1st May 2020.
21/3/2020 - Saudia suspended all international flights on 15th March and all domestic flights on 21st March due to the governments ban on all commercial flights.
Wizz Air 2/7/2020 - Wizz Air has celebrated the arrival of its first scheduled flight to Abu Dhabi from Budapest, to be followed shortly by a new route from Bucharest.
16/6/2020 - From 16th June, Wizz Air revealed 21 new routes and resumptions - 12 from Romania and 9 from Belgrade. The airline is also launching in new markets with its first German base in Dortmund.
1/6/2020 - Wizz Air has confirmed plans to resume flights from London Luton to four Spanish destinations from 1st July 2020, coinciding with the Spanish government’s decision to remove the current 14-day quarantine restrcitions on arrivals into Spain from the begining of July.
15/5/2020 - Wizz Air has restarted limited flight operations on 15th May.
7/5/2020 - Wizz Air is considering opening a new second British hub out of Gatwick as other airlines reduce operations and slots become free.
29/4/2020 - Wizz Air has become the first European airline to announce it will commence flights again with services out of London Luton scheduled for 15th May. Wizz Air plans to operate in May with 10% of its fleet and increase to 30% in June.
21/4/2020 - Wizz Air who operates a UK subsidiary is eligible for the UK Covid Corporate Fina  ...more
GOL 9/7/2020 - GOL plans to increase its network to approximately 250 flights daily in July and flying upto 25% of its schedule network compared to 2019.
5/6/2020 - Gol flight staff have approved the proposed collective bargaining agreement that includes the possibility of joining voluntary programs of unpaid leave, dismissal, retirement or part-time work.
20/5/2020 - Gol will have 100 daily flights in June, an increase of 47% compared to 68 daily flights in May.
4/5/2020 - For Q1 2020 GOL reported a loss of $419 million, but despite this the carrier has stated that it has enough cash to run until the end of the year.
15/4/2020 - GOL has cancelled it's orders for 34 narrow bodied Boeing aircrafts. GOL’s aircraft order has now dropped to 95 aircrafts, from the 129 previously.
7/4/2020 - GOL has grounded all it's fleet except for 10 aircrafts that account for 50 flights a day. In addition, the airline has deffered lease payments and employee salaries that has reduced it's spending by half.
25/3/2020 - GOL has suspended all international flights from 28th March until 3rd May 2020.
24/3/2020 - GOL will reduce its domestic flight capacity by 92% and international flight capacity  ...more
Qantas 14/7/2020 - Qantas is set to cancel nearly all its international flights until March 2021, maintaining only a few international flights to New Zealand.
25/6/2020 - Qantas has taken some tough decisions in view of its 3 year recovery plan. It will lay off 20% of it's workforce which means job losses for 6000 employees, early retirement of its 6 remaining Boeing aircrafts and grounding of 100 planes including most of its international fleet.
17/6/2020 - Qantas has suspended almost all of their international flights until the end of October after government funding for the handful of overseas routes they were flying came to an end. Qantas repatriation flights will continue to operate.
15/6/2020 - Qantas has confirmed it will exit its minority stake in Vietnamese airline Jetstar Pacific.
4/6/2020 - Qantas and Jetstar are planning to add 300 more return flights per week by the end of June. Currently, the carriers are operating only 5% of pre-pandemic capacity but the June increase will shift that up to 15%.
11/05/2020 - Qantas has paused on the delivery of it's aircrafts from Boeing and Airbus due to unexpected market circumstances.
1/5/2020 - Qantas has resumed some domestic   ...more
Avianca 22/7/2020 - Avianca plans to resume international services from Bogotá, Cali and Medellín in September and steadily increase its destinations in October 2020.
25/6/2020 - Avianca has initiated a furlough programme that could keep its staff without pay for upto a year.
6/6/2020 - Avianca plans to continue operating while it restructures under bankruptcy protection, once governments lift bans.
29/5/2020 - Avianca plans to compete on cost as a ‘smaller’ airline once it emerges from Chapter 11. The airline will reduce its fleet and streamline the business during this reorganization process.
11/5/2020 - Avianca filed for bankruptcy on 10th May 2020 in the US court, after failing to meet a bond payment deadline and requests for aid from Colombia’s government have been unsuccessful so far.
30/4/2020 - Avianca is is need of an investment from the Colombian Government to survive the current crisis and is also willing to make the Government a shareholder.
23/4/2020 - All Avianca’s passenger flights have been grounded since March, after its main hubs in Colombia, El Salvador, Ecuador and Peru all shut down air traffic. It has put 50% of its workforce on unpaid leave and is ac  ...more
Scandinavian Airlines 7/7/2020 - Scandinavian Airlines has reported a 86% decrease in passengers carried and 91% drop in capacity in June 2020. The airline stated that it will re start flights to 10 European routes by mid July and increase capacity on flights to the UK.
30/6/2020 - SAS plans to raise $1.3 billion in order to recover from the impact of the coronavirus. The Swedish and Danish state governments will increase their stake in the airline to 20% each in order to boost the share capital of the airline.
29/6/2020 - SAS has fired almost 1,600 employees in Denmark - mainly pilots, cabin crew and employees from the airport terminals. SAS has also announced plans to cut staff in Norway and Sweden.
17/6/2020 - SAS plans to operate 40 aircrafts and fly 30% of it's original capacity by July 2020.
05/06/2020 - SAS is increasing flights and plans to fly to several German destinations again from mid-June.
29/5/2020 - SAS reported a loss of just over 3.7 billion SEK (389 million U.S. dollars) for Q1 2020. SAS plans to restart numerous flight routes with 30 aircraft in June.
5/5/2020 - SAS does not expect a return to pre-Covid-19 demand levels until 2022. SAS is currently only transporting 4% of the us  ...more
Pegasus 16/7/2020 - Pegasus Airlines saw a 53.9% traffic drop in the 1st half of 2020.
14/6/2020 - Pegasus airlines international flights resumed from 14th June 2020.
1/6/2020 - Pegasus Airlines has resumed limited domestic flights on 1st June and international flights will resume on 14th June.
8/5/2020 - Pegasus Airlines has resumed domestic and international cargo flights, however all passenger flights remain grounded.
14/4/2020 - Pegasus Airlines has extended the suspension of all passenger flights. Previously the restriction was set to remain in force until 30th April.
30/3/2020 - Pegasus Airlines suspended all flights on 28th March 2020.
15/3/2020 - Pegasus has suspended flights to Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands from 16th March until 17th April.
11/3/2020 - Pegasus has announced that all flights to/from Italy and Iraq from March 1 - April 16 are canceled and all flights to/from Iran from February 24 - April 16 are canceled.
Qatar Airways 9/7/2020 - Globally, Qatar Airways relaunched 11 destinations globally on 1st July which marked the largest number of route resumptions in a single day since Qatar Airways started to rebuild its network. By mid-July, the airline plans to expand its network to more than 65 destinations worldwide.
15/6/2020 - Qatar Airways share of passengers travelling to / from Australia increased from 3% to 44% in April. The airline is also gradually adding routes to its network from Doha, including to Algiers, Casablanca, Geneva and Seychelles.
3/6/2020 - Qatar Airways has repatriated 1.8 million individuals worldwide since the beginning of the outbreak. The airline will be resuming services to Italy starting from 15th July.
27/5/2020 - Qatar Airways is flying to 32 destinations as of today, but has plans to increase flights to 78 by end June, travel restrictions permitting.
17/5/2020 - Qatar Airways has decided to postpone the retirement of their A330 cargo aircrafts as the demand for freighter services has increased. The aircrafts which were due to retire between April - September, will now serve for the entire year.
15/5/2020 - Qatar Airways plans to cut 20% of their workforce, representing   ...more
Sichuan Airlines 1/7/2020 - The Civil Aviation Administration of China has suspended Sichuan Airlines Cairo - Chengdu route after 6 passengers tested positive for Covid-19 on a 27th June flight.
31/5/2020 - Sichuan Airlines is planning on resuming US flights to Los Angeles from 12th June .
1/5/2020 - Sichuan Airlines is extending a reduced international service for May 2020, as the airline has scheduled 1 weekly flight each to Cairo, Chiang Rai and Vancouver.
12/4/2020 - On 12th April 2020, Sichuan Airlines commenced new freighter operations at Changi with a weekly freighter service connecting Singapore to Chongqinq and Nantong.
31/3/2020 - Sichuan Airlines will operate only one weekly international service until early May 2020, as the CAAC has restricted all airlines to operate to only one destination in any country, once a week only.
Spirit 17/6/2020 - Spirit Airlines plans to fly around 550 flights a day reaching a capacity of 70% of pre pandemic levels in July.
1/6/2020 - Spirit will be the first airline to restart international operations in Ecuador on 3rd June.
6/5/2020 - Reduced capacity for April 2020 by 75% and for May and June by approximately 95%.
21/4/2020 - Spirit Airlines is close to receiving $330 million in aid from the government to help pay salaries to their 9000 employees. Spirit Airlines has been told to reinstate flights to 25 cities or they could lose the government aid.
Eurowings 3/7/2020 - In July, Eurowings will triple its flight services with around 600 departures compared to June.
1/6/2020 - Eurowings is significantly increasing its flight program and plans to fly up to 80% of its destinations again in summer 2020.
26/5/2020 - Eurowings plans to cut one third of the jobs at its headquarters.The airline plans to use 20 Airbus' and fly to 40 destinations by end of June 2020.
6/5/2020 - Eurowings has launched the ‘Ideas Get Wings’ competition, encouraging public to submit ideas for products, ground processes or digital customer service innovations for travel post the coronavirus era.
20/4/2020 - Eurowings has also already operated 27 repatriation flights with around 2500 passengers on board, with 9 more currently planned.
7/4/2020 - The Lufthansa Group announced that it will reduce the long-haul business of Eurowings, in addition to permanently discontinuing Germanwings operations.
23/3/2020 - From 25th March 2020, Eurowings is planning to reduce to around 10% percent of their previous flight capacity.
Korean Air 6/7/2020 - Korean Air has agreed to sell its Inflight duty free and meal services to Hahn & Company, helping the airline in its liquidity situation affected by the pandemic.
4/6/2020 - Korean Air expects to see a profit in Q2 2020 due to robust air cargo demand and cheap fuel. Their passenger travel still remains at a standstill but the carrier has kept busy due to the strong demand for Korean medical supplies.
7/5/2020 - Korean Air plans to increase international routes from 13 in May to 32 in June, growing weekly international flights from 55 to 146.
3/5/2020 - This month Korean Air will draw up a 1.5 trillion won ($1.23 billion) self-rescue plan, including a 1 trillion won stock offering in return for the massive financial support from the two state lenders.
24/4/2020 - Two state-owned banks in South Korea said they would provide up to 1.2 trillion won ($971 million) in liquidity to support Korean Air Lines.
8/4/2020 - Korean Air furloughs 70% of employees for 6 months from 16th April until 15th October 2020.
27/3/2020 - Korean Air announced that salaries of its executive VPs and above will be reduced by 50% senior VPs by 40%, and managing VPs by 30%, starting from  ...more
Vueling 24/7/2020 - Vueling is strengthening its presence on departure from Paris by offering 22 routes in August 2020
4/7/2020 - In early July, Vueling will take off again in France offering 15 destinations from Paris.
1/7/2020 - Vueling is offering an exceptional reduction of 21% to its customers who will now book their flights scheduled for 2021.
2/6/2020 - Vueling will offer 21 routes from several major French airports between late June and late July.
1/5/2020 - IAG has confirmed that its Spanish subsidiary Vueling has signed an agreement for a state-backed loan worth €260 million.
18/4/2020 - Vueling has donated 50 tablets and 15 computers to facilitate communication with family members and access to education and entertainment for the groups served by the Sant Joan de Déu Social Work in Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Palma.
1/4/2020 - Vueling has further downsized its operations for summer 2020 season and will operate a reduced schedule.
24/3/2020 - Vueling is currently operating less than 25% of their capacity.
Iberia 2/7/2020 - Iberia has published its flight schedule for summer with 30 routes to domestic and European destinations in August 2020.
28/6/2020 - Iberia will remove 17 planes from its fleet, resulting lesser destinations and flights in the coming months. The airline will also extend its temporary lay off scheme until December and may engage in further lay offs since the government bailout has not been enough to secure employee jobs.
1/6/2020 - Iberia will resume short and medium-haul flights from 1st July and plans to fly to 40 destinations. In June, Iberia will operate a similar level of connectivity to domestic and European cities as it did in May.
7/5/2020 - In May Iberia plans to carry out Covid-19 tests on around 2,500 of its employees working at the airport, aircraft maintenance, cockpit and cabin crews. During the year, Iberia plans to test all 17,000 of their employees.
1/5/2020 - IAG has confirmed that its Spanish subsidiary Iberia has signed an agreement for a state-backed loan worth €750 million.
18/4/2020 - Iberia will commence it's 2nd phase of repatriation flights to destinations it has never flown to. By the end of April Iberia will have operated more than 30 rescu  ...more
Shandong Airlines 21/7/2020 - Shandong Airlines reported a net loss between 1.15 billion yuan and 1.41 billion yuan in the 1st half of 2020, which is double of what it faced in Q1 2020.
4/5/2020 - Shandong Airlines is operating a temporary 4 times weekly Kunming - Delhi cargo service with reconfigured boeing passenger aircraft.
15/4/2020 - Shandong Airlines said that its net loss for Q1 2020 would be in the range of 500 - 700 million yuan ($70.9 million to $99.3 million).
31/3/2020 - Shandong Airlines will operate only one weekly international service until early May 2020, as the CAAC has restricted all airlines to operate to only one destination in any country, once a week only.
WestJet 14/7/2020 - WestJet's August program will include a total of more than 200 daily flights to 48 destinations across Canada, US, Caribbean, Mexico and Europe, including 39 domestic airports. The August timetable reflects an increase of approximately 10% in flights compared to last month, but it remains 75% lower than that of August 2019.
4/7/2020 - Westjet has resumed limited international flights to the USA and Mexico in July, and plans to increase its flight network to Europe and the Caribbean from August. Westjet has also laid off +3300 employees and consolidated call centres in an attempt to cut costs.
15/6/2020 - From 5th July until 4th August 2020, WestJet will offer flights to 45 destinations including 39 in Canada, 5 in the US and 1 in Mexico indicating an increase of approximately 102% more flights from June, but down 76% from July 2019.
1/6/2020 - WestJet has extended the suspension of all international flights until 4th July 2020.
1/5/2020 - WestJet has reached an agreement with ALPA (Airline Pilot Association) which will save more than 1000 pilot positions at the airline, as well as at subsidiaries WestJet Encore and Swoop.
15/4/2020 - WestJet lays off 1,700 pilots and   ...more
Virgin Australia 27/7/2020 - Virgin Australia could possibly shift its entire base to Brisbane and close its offices in Sydney under Bain Capital's new ownership strategy. The airline also plans to position itself as a carrier serving the mid market, with fewer planes, more domestic routes and only short haul international routes mainly to New Zealand.
26/6/2020 - Virgin Australia’s administrator has confirmed that Bain Capital has won the bidding war to acquire the airline.
17/6/2020 - Virgin Australia has re-grounded their remaining international passenger operations after government funding for the handful of overseas routes they were flying came to an end.
11/6/2020 - Virgin Australia plans to double its current capacity in early July, adding 30,000 seats across 320 flights.
2/6/2020 - Private equity firms Bain Capital and Cyrus Capital Partners have been shortlisted as the two final bidders and Virgin Australia administrators plan to reach an agreement with the successful bidder by 30th June.
18/5/2020 - The four bidders that have moved to the next round to take over Virgin Australia are Cyrus Capital, Bain Capital, BGH and Indigo Partners.
30/4/2020 - Virgin Australia is still operatin  ...more
Garuda Indonesia 5/8/2020 - Garuda Indonesia has reported a net loss of $712 million in the first half of 2020. This was a result of the airline cutting frequencies and flying less that 100 flights as against 400 during the same period in 2019. The airline also said that they saw a 90% drop in passengers carried for the above period.
14/7/2020 - Garuda plans to defer the deliveries of 4 Airbus aircrafts that were due this year. The airline is also considering re-working or terminating its leasing contracts.
2/6/2020 - Garuda Indonesia plans to phase in some international flights from June to 10 destinations from Jakarta, all of which will limit entry to citizens and require mandatory quarantine.
12/5/2020 - Indonesia is finalizing a US$1 billion financial bailout plan for Garuda to help the carrier stave off a debt default.
7/5/2020 - Garuda Indonesia restarted domestic flight operations from 7th May 2020.
6/5/2020 - Garuda has received 3 loan facilities from state-owned Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) with a total value of US$382 million to fund the airline’s working capital.
24/4/2020 - In line with the Indonesian Governments ban on all passenger flights, Garuda has suspended all domestic fli  ...more
VietJet Air 27/7/2020 - Vietjet has suspended all flights from/to Da Nang from 28th July to 11th August 2020 as Vietnam has closed Danang airport due to a virus outbreak.
29/6/2020 - Vietjet is hopeful of resuming its international operations from July. The airline has added 8 more routes to its network domestically, taking its total domestic flight network to 53 routes.
11/6/2020 - Vietjet has opened ticket sales for its 8 new domestic routes which will commence from 18th June and is offering a special promotion of 2.5 million tickets priced only from VND 8,000 (USD 34 cents) on its entire domestic flight network.
10/5/2020 - Vietjet Air announced on 10th May that it has resumed all of its 45 domestic air routes. Vietjet reported Q1 2020 losses of VND989 billion ($42 million).
15/4/2020 - Vietjet has launched ‘Power Pass’ that allows its holders to take unlimited domestic flights within Vietnam. The airline is offering two Power Pass options, one valid until September 2020 and the other valid until March 2021.
26/3/2020 - Vietjet has launched an insurance policy named "SKY COVID CARE" that allows passengers to claim up to 200 million Vietnamese dong ($8,550) if they are infected with the   ...more
Azul 6/7/2020 - Azul expects to operate 303 peak daily departures by the end of August 2020, representing approximately 35% of pre-crisis total capacity.
3/7/2020 - Azul has agreed with the Portuguese government to sell its 6% stake in TAP Air Portugal for approximately US $12.2 million.
9/6/2020 - Azul plans to increase flights to 240 daily departures in July 2020 compared to 168 in June.
20/5/2020 - Azul is re-opening 5 operating bases in Brazil and plans to operate over 150 daily flights in June.
2/5/2020 - Azul plans to slowly start adding flights back to their domestic network in Brazil.
14/4/2020 - Azul has seen a 36% increase in it's cargo revenue for Q1 2020 due to higher demand.
25/3/2020 - Azul has cut its planned capacity by 90% until the end of April 2020.
16/3/2020 - Azul will cut all of its international flights out of its main hub in Sao Paulo.
11/3/2020 - Azul has halted hiring and offered employees unpaid leave.
Air India 12/7/2020 - Air India has announced several additional international flights under the fourth phase of the governments repatriation project. The airline has announced 14 additional flights between India and UK until 24th July and further flights to other destinations like Singapore, Toronto and Germany in July.
10/6/2020 - More daily Air India repatriation flights have been introduced from 10th June until June 30 including 2 daily flights to London and 2 other European destinations, and 10 more flights have been added for US-Canada.
25/5/2020 - Air India commenced domestic flight operations on 25th May 2020 as the Indian government has lifted the domestic flight ban after 2 months.
7/4/2020 - Air India is operating repatriation flights to Germany, France, Ireland and London. Cargo flights are also operating to/from Shanghai carrying medical equipment.
25/3/2020 - Air India has suspended all international flights from 22nd March 2020 and all domestic flights from 25th March 2020 in line with the Indian governments directive to suspend all commercial passenger flights.
Alitalia 24/7/2020 - Alitalia has planned to reduce its fleet form 93 to 65-70 aircrafts and lay off approximately 4000 staff.
9/7/2020 - Alitalia plans to increase number of flights in August 2020, when the airline will operate a total of over 1600 flights per week, 24% more than in July and more than double compared to those operated in June 2020.
1/7/2020 - Alitalia resumed international flights from Milan to Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and London. From July Alitalia will also serve a dozen domestic destinations from Milan, expanding its offer from the Lombardy region, one of the most severely affected by the pandemic in Europe.
11/06/2020 - Alitalia will increase number of flights and destinations served in July 2020, operating over 1,000 weekly flights reaching 13 new domestic and international airports.
2/6/2020 - Alitalia resumed flying on its most popular long haul route i.e Rome to New York on 2nd June, a day before Italy opened borders for international travel. This is the airlines first long-haul flight operated since early May.
20/5/2020 - Alitalia has announced that it will resume its connections with Spain, specifically Madrid and Barcelona from 2nd June. The airline will increa  ...more
Vietnam Airlines 19/7/2020 - Vietnam Airlines is seeking government funding for $518 million in order to stay afloat during the pandemic. The airline has seen a 50% drop in revenues due to a wide international flights ban by various countries.
17/06/2020 - Vietnam Airlines has resumed limited international flights from 17th June 2020 with full scheduled operations beginning from 1st July 2020.
1/6/2020 - Vietnam Airlines has resumed all domestic operations with the number of domestic flights on 29th May up 36% y-o-y to over 300. The total number of cargo and passenger flights on 29th May was almost equivalent to the same day in 2019, at over 350 flights.
1/5/2020 - Vietnam Airlines and its subsidiaries (Jetstar Pacific and Vasco) have announced plans to increase domestic operations in May.
28/4/2020 - Vietnam Airlines will provide two direct flights from Vietnam to the U.S. (San Francisco and Washington D.C) in early May, so Americans can return home.
16/4/2020 - Vietnam Airlines will operate two return flights per day on the route between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City as of 16th April, doubling that of the first half of this month.
30/3/2020 - Vietnam Airlines has reduced its domestic networ  ...more
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