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NDC is here to Stay
NDC is certainly here to stay. As 2024 progresses we're starting to see the number of NDC bookings increase. T2RL estimates that the total market for NDC bookings in 2022 was around 85 million or 3% of the total passenger market with this expected to have grown by over 60% in 2023 and further still in 2024. Top tier airlines have set the pace and established many of the necessary processes, laying the foundations on which other, smaller airlines may now build their NDC strategies.

American Airlines Makes a U Turn
As the dust settles on Vasu Raja's departure from American Airlines we consider the implications for the wider adoption of modern airline distribution.

Delta Air Lines Partners with Accelya for NDC Technology
Delta Air Lines Partners with Accelya for NDC Technology

British Airways backs Amadeus Nevio
On 16th April 2024 British Airways and Amadeus announced that British Airways has selected Amadeus as its technology partner and Amadeus Nevio, 'a new portfolio of modular solutions built on open and AI technology, to deliver the airline's Offer and Order strategic goals'. This First View analyses this announcement and what it means for the two players as well as the industry at large.

Consolidation in the TMC Space
GBT's acquisition of CWT creates the biggest TMC but structural changes in the market may have more long-term impact.

The Voice of the Travel Seller
Between October 2023 and January 2024, T2RL, in collaboration with industry expert Timothy O'Neil-Dunne, conducted several interviews predominantly with Travel Seller organisations with the intention to better understand how a varied range of key players in the Travel Seller community views the current changes to our industry. With this report we aim to record valuable lessons learnt from the experiences so far and to positively influence the NDC roll outs and improvements under way. We also seek insights to help shape the transition to OOSD (Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver) which is in its early stages. By acknowledging and understanding some of the missteps made with NDC with the benefit of hindsight, and the challenges still faced by the airlines, Travel Sellers and their technology partners today, we hope to influence a better path for OOSD transformation.

Modern Distribution is Gathering Pace
70% of Finnair's bookings are now in modern channels while American Airlines has achieved 80%. They have achieved these numbers by a combination of methods and other airlines will learn from their success.

Living in Interesting Times - T2RL's Industry Outlook
Our recent Industry Outlook paper looks at the external challenges facing airlines and the implications these are having on airline technology and distribution.

ATPCO Accelerates its Transformation
ATPCO has agreed to acquire data analytics firm 3Victors. The deal is very positive for both parties and for the industry as a whole.

New CEO announced for Datalex
Datalex has announced the appointment of Jonathan Rockett as CEO to replace Sean Corkery who has been leading the company for the past 4 years. Jonathan joins from Ding where he held the role of MD and CFO.

IATA held a series of industry meetings including the World Passenger Symposium in Chicago during the week of 23rd October. T2RL was invited to attend the combined WPS/WFS but in common with all non-airline organisations was excluded from the closed meetings. This report gives T2RL's view on the discussions and issues raised in the move to Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver.

T2RLEngage 2023 Key Takeaways
T2RLEngage 2023 took place on the 18th-20th September hosting nearly 500 delegates with discussions spanning throughout workshops, solutions rooms, panels and keynotes. This report takes you through the key takeaways and learnings.

Virgin Atlantic's Conservative Path to NDC
Virgin Atlantic has relaunched its initiative in NDC sales and servicing with an announcement that it would not penalise other distribution technologies. T2RL assesses this news and how this strategy sets it apart from most of the early adopters.

Transformation Series - OOSD for Sellers
This is the fourth in a series of reports that T2RL has produced during the course of 2023 on the transformation to the new Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver environment. This particular report considers the impact of the changes on those organisations that sell on behalf of the airlines. These are primarily travel agents of various kinds, including the large Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), the major Travel Management Companies (TMCs) and the retail travel agencies that serve a mix of business, leisure and inclusive tour travel.

IBS Software shares to change hands.
Just over 30% of IBS Software's shares change hands for 450 million USD, VK Mathews remains as majority shareholder, Founder and Executive Chairman.

Hitit adds Air Peace as a Customer
Hitit has announced the migration of Air Peace to its platform, Hitit Crane. The deal includes full PSS, IBE, Loyalty and its Mobile App. This is Hitit's fourth migration this year. Air Peace boarded near to 5 million PBs in 2022 and the migration pushes Hitit into second place in the African region with over 15% of the PSS market.

Changing of the Guard at Sabre
Sabre has announced that Kurt Ekert will succeed Sean Menke as CEO on 27 April 2023. This First View explores what this appointment could mean for Sabre and the wider industry.

Major Success for Hitit
Hitit has announced that it has entered a five year contract with Turkish Airlines Group to supply its Crane Passenger Services System to the group's AnadoluJet subsidiary. T2RL speculates what this signing could mean for the PSS vendor and the market as a whole.

From Distribution to Payment
At the start of the year Amadeus launched the spin-off of its payments division into the company Outpayce. At the end of November, Sabre announced its purchase of the company Conferma Pay in August 2022 as well as a recent partnership with Mastercard. This First View assesses the benefits and drawbacks to airlines of using Virtual Credit Cards and why this method of payment may become increasingly important for an airline's travel agency network.

Transition to Normality - T2RL's Industry Outlook
Covid is now just one challenge amongst many. Our recent Industry Outlook paper looks at the external challenges facing airlines and the implications these are having on airline technology and distribution.

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