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Company Name Sabre
Head Office Dallas, Texas, USA
Parent Company Sabre Holdings
Ownership Public Company
Annual Revenue 3,975 million US$
Employee Range 5,001-10,000
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TPF core with various functional modules implemented in Unix and Linux.
Hybrid and full service offering covering all airlines from tier one down.
Product Market Share
Reservations: 15.728%
Inventory: 15.728%
DCS: 15.728%
IBE: 3.676%
Loyalty: 0.107%
Revenue Management: 4.806%
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Number of recorded contracts for Sabre: 66

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T2RL Application Capabilities T2RL Application Capabilities refers to the vendors ability to fulfil capabilities in the T2RL Architecture Reference Model
Departure Control Systems
Fare Quote
Internet Booking Engine
Agency/Corporate Direct Distribution
Business Intelligence
Cargo Management
Frequent Flyer and Loyalty Platform
Merchandising Platform
Mobile Booking Application
Personalisation Tools
Revenue Integrity
Revenue Management
Search Tools
Load Planning / Weight & Balance

Description and History
Sabre Airline Solutions is the division of Sabre Holdings Inc which is responsible for the provision of applications and consulting services to the world's airline industry. The Passenger Services System is marketed under the name SabreSonic but is very commonly known simply as “Sabre”. The company's origins lie in the IT department of American Airlines from which it was formally separated in ... more> (login required)

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