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Airline Irregular Operations Management
T2RL has undertaken a comprehensive assessment of the current-state airline operations environment, delving into vendor technology offerings, real-world examples of airline IROPs management processes, and publicly available data. This report provides targeted, actionable measures that airlines and their technology partners can implement to enhance disruption response and overall reliability.

Transformation Series - Transition is Everything
This is the second in a series of reports that T2RL will produce during the course of 2023. They will cover the transformation that is finally happening in the way that airlines sell and deliver their services, moving to an Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver environment. This particular report focuses on the transition and the different ways that vendors and airlines could go about this. As well as some of the challenges that a transition period like this is likely to bring for at least the next decade and quite possibly a lot more.

The Market for Airline Revenue Management Systems 2023
Revenue Management and pricing optimisation play a fundamental part in Offer Management as the industry moves further towards retail modernisation. Moving forward, T2RL predict that 'controlling the offer' will become the main playing field for vendors to compete for the majority of airline IT spend. This report highlights the key vendors in this area by market share, key airline migrations in 2022 and 2023 to date, plus an insight into opportunities and challenges in the area of Offer Management.

Transformation Series - What Will an Order Management World Look like?
This is the first in a series of reports that T2RL will produce during the course of 2023. They will cover the transformation that is finally happening in the way that airlines sell and deliver their services, moving to an Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver environment. This particular report focuses on describing the environment around Order Management and how it differs from today's world and some of the reasons why this change is happening now.

Airline Arrivals and Departures in 2022
Across the world in 2022, 44 new airlines were launched and 16 carriers ceased operations. This report will examine the comings and goings in the aviation industry highlighting the impact of Covid-19 in the year that has just ended, with comparisons to previous years.

The Market for Airline Loyalty Systems 2023
The airline loyalty market is changing. The profile of the traveller has shifted for many airlines, from flying corporate 'frequent' travellers to an increase in leisure and VFR travellers and loyalty strategies have needed to evolve with this. Airlines are focusing more on customer engagement as a whole with the key goal to enrich customer data that will become more important when moving towards an Offer Management environment. This report assesses the vendors offering Loyalty Management Systems in the airline space and current technology advancements in the area of loyalty.

Transition to Normality - T2RL's Industry Outlook
Covid is now just one challenge amongst many. Our recent Industry Outlook paper looks at the external challenges facing airlines and the implications these are having on airline technology and distribution.

Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver Status Report
T2RL has produced a report on the current status of Offer, Order, Settle, Deliver developments, replacing the regular NDC and ONE Order update report. This includes details of new implementations and IT developments and the impact these may have on the market.

Digital Market Report 2022: The Market for Online Direct Passengers
T2RL's research highlights 1.1 billion passengers sold via airlines' direct web and mobile sites in 2021 and projects this will reach 1.7 billion in 2022. This report highlights regional and business model trends for online direct bookings, key vendors, as well as current opportunities and challenges faced by airlines in this space.

Global Passenger Volumes Analysis Report 2022
This is T2RL's 6th edition of the Global Passenger Volumes Analysis Report. The report includes an in-depth analysis of 2021 passenger volumes, historical growth analysis, 2022 global passenger volume projections and longer-term predictions.

Addressing the Volume Problem in NDC
There has been a great deal of interest lately in the potential problem that NDC traffic between travel sellers, airlines and intermediaries will be too much to handle economically in the available systems. This paper has been produced by T2RL to consider the problem and to assess some existing proposals that have been put forward by industry players. It also considers the proposition put forward by Amadeus that substantial take-up of NDC distribution would put unsustainable stress on NDC offer management systems.

The Market for Airline Passenger Services Systems - 2022
T2RL's annual report on the state of the market for Airline Passenger Services Systems covers all of the main activity from PSS vendors in 2021 and the majority of 2022.

The Airline Aggregator Report 2022
It is clear that the market has now shifted to NDC acceptance. The majority of top tier airlines have adjusted their distribution strategies to include NDC adoption and aggregators play a major part for most of them. This report takes a look at the current state of the aggregator market, drivers for adoption, key players and predictions on where this is heading in the next five years.

Vendor Forecast 2022
T2RL has reconciled passenger volumes for the first half of 2022 published by the three largest PSS providers. This report looks at T2RL's forecast for Amadeus, Sabre and TravelSky for full year 2022 passenger volumes.

Passengers Boarded sold per Distribution Channel 2022
This is the fourth edition of T2RL's report on the airline distribution market taking into account where an airline's seats are sold. As the shockwaves of the pandemic continue to play out throughout the industry airlines are continuing to see a shift of bookings toward their direct channels. This report takes a deeper dive into our distribution split data and the trends we have been seeing in this space, including how many passengers are sold via the GDS, airline's websites, host direct, call centre, tour operators and direct connect channels.

2021 Global Passenger Volume Summary
T2RL has released its assessment of 2021 global passenger volumes showing 2.34 billion passengers boarded - a 27% increase from 2020's 1.85 billion but a 49% decline from 2019's 4.63 billion passengers boarded. This report explores passenger numbers by region, by PSS provider and by group ranking.

NDC and ONE Order Status Report - June 2022
T2RL has produced a report on the current status of NDC and ONE Order including details of new NDC implementations, IT developments and costs to airlines. It also includes our view on how these changes are currently impacting the industry.

The Evolution of Dynamic Pricing - What are airlines prioritising?
This report draws upon a survey amongst airlines to gather feedback on what dynamic pricing capabilities airlines have in place today, what they have planned in the near future and some of questions that need to be asked before rolling out such technology.

US Airways v. Sabre
T2RL assesses the possible outcomes and ripple effects the US Airways v. Sabre civil antitrust lawsuit in the United States may have on the industry and other stakeholders.

Transition to Normality - T2RL's Outlook on the COVID Pandemic
This is the seventh edition of T2RL's analysis on the market recovery for the airline industry during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. This report examines the lifting of the majority of travel restrictions and the diverse market responses along with traffic data. T2RL details recommendations for airlines on IT contracting, distribution and technology.

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