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The industry is moving further towards retail modernisation transitioning to an Offer and Order environment from legacy platforms. Revenue Management is a fundamental part of Offer Management and thus will become increasingly important within the airline's commercial stack.

This section allows the generation of market share reports for Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing vendors. Market shares for the different vendors are measured in passengers boarded.

Also presented are a selection of our Insight documents related to Revenue Management.

In addition to an overall Revenue Management market share based on a combination of segment and network solutions, T2RL has also calculated market share for each Revenue Management capability separately; Segment RM, Network RM, Group RM and Real-time priced availability.

More information about T2RL definitions and methods.
Global Market Share
Current global market shares of the five distinctions of Revenue Management

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Business Model
Passenger Numbers ?Adjusted numbers include passengers from Franchise Carriers and subsidiaries. Click to read more

ProductOverall Revenue Management
Business Model
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RM Migrations
Data on which airlines have implemented or changed their RM provider
RM Information
An explanation of the Revenue Management products

Segment-based/Leg-based Revenue Management is defined as the system that helps airlines optimise and forecast pricing and inventory levels using algorithms at a segment level. It is particularly suitable for carriers operating the majority of their flights at a point-to-point level rather than operating a hub and spoke network of flights.

O&D Revenue Management (Network) is defined as the system that controls revenue from an itinerary level – origin and destination. It takes advantage of the airlines’ full network including feeder flights and aims to favour flight combinations that have the largest contribution of revenue to the airline’s whole network.

Group Revenue Management is the efficient management of groups.

Real Time Priced Availability (RTPA) – Returns both itinerary and lowest fare, or lowest fare per fare family, for any city pair and date or date range request. It may also include bundled or unbundled priced ancillaries. Uses parallel processing to manage the creation of very large numbers of priced offers.

Overall Revenue Management market share is derived using the definition of Revenue Management as the main piece of technology which manages inventory availability to optimise revenue. This may include the airline using a Segment-based/Leg-based Revenue Management System or an O&D/Network Revenue Management System. It does not include Group Revenue Management.

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Revenue Management Publications

Revenue Management and pricing optimisation play a fundamental part in Offer Management as the industry moves further towards retail modernisation. Moving forward, T2RL predict that 'controlling the offer' will become the main playing field for vendors to compete for the majority of airline IT spend. This report highlights the key vendors in this area by market share, key airline migrations in 2022 and 2023 to date, plus an insight into opportunities and challenges in the area of Offer Management.
21 April 2023

FLYR Labs has announced it has acquired the offer and order management provider Pribas for an undisclosed amount. Pribas, a Germany based 'alternative PSS provider' launched its platform, AirBroker ONE in 2018 which is purely based on the newer technology principles of NDC and ONE Order. The Norwegian LCC, Flyr (not to be confused with FLYR Labs) was Pribas's first customer to fully complete a booking solely using the new reservation/offer and order management platform. This is a major move for FLYR Labs, clearly entering the PSS market when airlines are actively looking to develop their order management capabilities and put less dependency on traditional PSS technology. T2RL has written more about increased competition in the PSS space in its First View.
14 September 2022

This webinar from 5th April joins Bert Craven, Dieter Westermann and Ian Luck who discuss the different types of 'dynamics' in the industry and what airlines should think about when rolling out these capabilities.
23 May 2022

This report draws upon a survey amongst airlines to gather feedback on what dynamic pricing capabilities airlines have in place today, what they have planned in the near future and some of questions that need to be asked before rolling out such technology.
23 May 2022

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